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Microlight and Ultralight Forms & Manuals

Below is are a few forms and some literature that you may find useful.

The Microlighting maintenance related forms are there to assist in the recording of maintenance on your microlight, often these forms are not included with your microlight purchase.
It is an essential part of the flying to accurately record the history of the aircraft from day to day flying, general maintenance and any major repairs.
Having a comprehensive log of these activities will not only keeps you up to date with your aircraft but makes it easier for a potential buyer to check the relevant details. It shows them exactly what you are selling.

There are also a host of RA-Aus (Recreational Aviation Australia) forms relating to various aspects of aircraft registration and pilot membership. For more RA-Aus forms online click here

Forms for Download

Microlight Aircraft Log Book Microlight Aircraft Log Book (15 KB)

Notice of Disposal Form Notice of Disposal Form (70 KB)

Microlight Maintenance or Modification Microlight Maintenance or Modification (10 KB)

Microlight Wing Assembly Procedure Microlight Wing Assembly Procedure (25 KB)

Microlight Major Defects Form Microlight Major Defects Form (10 KB)

A22 Handling notes A22 Handling notes (274 KB)

Microlight flight planning sheet Microlight flight planning sheet (15 KB)

Paper Aeroplane Paper Aeroplane (135 KB)

Three-axis planning sheet Three-axis planning sheet (148 KB)


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EQ1 Drahtloser, Flug Kopfhörer & EQ-LINK EQ1 Drahtloser, Flug Kopfhörer & EQ-LINK (555 KB)


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