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Microlight Training

Sky Sports Flying School
operates fully certified microlight aircraft, and offers complete training for all would be flexwing pilots. Training can be carried out entirely on your own aircraft or most students tend to prefer to undertake the initial training on the school's aircraft, then completing their tuition on their very own microlight. Courses can be tailored to your individual needs, and onsite accommodation is available if you require.

Ground courses in every aspects of microlight flying are available for you to be able to complete your full pilot certificate. Hands-on trial instructional flights are also available to give you a taste of this exciting form of aviation. Call to arrange a flight on 0419 942 645

We offer you a complete package tailored to suit all your needs, so if you want to learn to fly, have a trial flight, a conversion course, ground tuition, exams, general flying test, radio course and certificate, cross country endorsement, bi-annual review and aircraft inspections or just talk microlighting then we can help.

Training Costs

We charge $187.00/hour for instruction in our aircraft and $98.00/hr in your aircraft
Theory and aircraft maintenance is charged at $83.00/hour
Onsite accommodation is available for as little as $15.00/night/person with full use of the facilities that include showers, toilets, washing machine, stove, microwave, fridge and BBQ.

Training Times

Sky Sports Flying School operates mainly weekdays though weekend training can be arranged.
Actual course times vary with each student, the minimum legal requirement is that each student must complete 20 hours tuition of which 5 hours must be solo.
It would be unfair to the student to lead them to believe that everyone may achieve a pilot certificate in 20 hrs as this is usually not the case. 20hrs to 40hrs training is required for most students to achieve the required proficiency.
Training is most effective if it is done in 3-4 day blocks. This allows for a more intensive programme and also takes advantage of varying weather conditions. (top of page)

Training Requirements

To be able to obtain a pilot certificate for a microlight the pilot must be-over the age of 15 and be of good health (sufficient to obtain an Australian drivers license)

Sky Sports can provide you with all the theory material required for your training and you are also encouraged to purchase at least one microlight theory handbook.

Clothing is a consideration worth looking into, after all we are in an open cockpit aircraft. Warm clothes, i.e. fleecy track suit and windproof jacket. Shoes or preferably boots with a heel and Gloves.
Helmets and headsets are provided by Sky Sports.

Training Facility

Sky Sports offers a modern, fully certified training facility which includes:

  • the latest model, fully certified and meticulously maintained aircraft
  • clean and security monitored hangar
  • air-conditioned classroom adjoining the hangar
  • scenic location called White Gum Farm approximately 15kms from York
  • several airstrips to train from ranging in length from 700mtrs to 1500mtrs

Families are welcome and are encouraged to stay. Children have the use of the ‘children’s playground’ with swings and trampoline and swimming. Bush walks in the evening followed by a nice BBQ make for quite a relaxed atmosphere. (top of page)

Training Theory

Microlights are known for their ease of handling and SIMPLICITY. This is the way we approach our theory training.
Sky Sports will provide all of the theory required to obtain your pilots certificate and a considerable amount more to give you the confidence to fly safely.
This does not mean that we will spend countless hours in the classroom pouring over manuals -- it means that we will be imparting applied theory and how it relates to our particular aircraft.
The RAAus have put considerable effort into their website with extremely good articles on various aspects of flight training, you are encouraged to read them.

Trial Instructional Training Flights $140.00

Skysports Flying School provides trial instructional flights (TIFs) which allow you to get a "hands-on" taste of microlight flying before committing to a course of flying lessons.
During the TIF the instructor is seated with you in the microlight and handles take off, landing and most of the flying, but will hand over control to you for brief periods if you like. So as well as experiencing the thrill of "open to the wind" flying you will also get the opportunity to have a go at actually piloting the aircraft.
TIFs are conducted on a regular basis and can be booked by contacting Gordon Marshall. (top of page)

Biennial Flight Review

It is a requirement that each pilot complete a flight review every two years.
A biennial check should be considered as an opportunity for the pilot to remove bad habits, brush up on their skills, and gain confidence.
A check flight should cover the same requirements as those for the issue of a pilot certificate such as --aircraft inspection, pre take off checks, circuit procedures, climb, descend, turns, stalls, forced landing, at least two circuits to land, post flight inspection and airmanship, If a radio operators endorsement is held then correct radio procedures must also be observed.

The average check flight should last approximately 40 minutes.
If you require any info on the above requirements it can e-mailed it to you. (top of page)


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